About Us

Hello! I'm Lizzie DiMaria, the owner of The Dearborn Shop and this is Millie, the anxiety ridden shop dog. I rarely go a day without an iced coffee and Gilmore Girls. I love to be cozy so you might find me wearing my slippers and fuzzy socks around the shop. The way to win Millie over is to ignore her. After a few minutes she will LOVE you and give you her famous nose-boops. Millie loves pup-cups, scrunchies and other dogs. You will find that this store reinforces my love of supporting other small businesses and building friendships with those who sell and shop in the store. Come in and you will find Dearborn gifts, apparel, locally made goods, and a wacky dog. Shop a selection of our products here. Our storefront is located in Downtown Dearborn at 21906 Garrison St. It is important to have a space that brings the community together and this is that space. Welcome! Thank you for being here.