How we got here and where we're going

The Inspiration

It All Started With a Hat

The first time we even considered starting a business like this was at a visit to an old neighbor during his garage sale. His garage ceiling was covered by hats which had collected over the years and hung there.Lizzie asked if she could buy one from him and he told her to take whatever she wanted. Among all the hats, the one she really wanted was a simple tan baseball hat with the word "Dearborn" embroidered  across the front. We realized how few Dearborn branded items we had seen and also that we had no idea where to purchase something like that anymore. 

100% handmade soap bar

The Right Time

Let's Finally Do This!

We started paying attention to the demand for items that would let people show off their Dearborn pride. Whether casual conversation with friends and neighbors or a post in the neighborhood Facebook group looking for goods made in Dearborn to support local artists, we knew we weren't the only ones. After talking and dreaming for over a year about this imaginary shop, we finally decided to go for it. We scrambled to get products made and gathered items from a short list of Dearborn artists to get ready in time for our very first pop-up and official website launch in summer 2021! 

Our Vision

We Love Dearborn

Our mission is to boost Dearborn pride while supporting local businesses and makers through the products we carry. Dearborn is cool so we want everyone to have the swag they need to brag about it! But we want to do more than promote the city, we want to support its' people. That's why we also carry products from local Dearborn artists and makers. We want to be the go-to spot for locally made goods, from gifts to essentials.

We hope this business provides you a way to do more for the people that you love in the city that you love.

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